Press release - 14 September 2018

Light agreement: To halve light-related energy consumption by 2025

Leading players in the lighting industry have signed an agreement aimed at halving lighting-related energy consumption by 2025.

During the European Light Congress in Davos, 12 organisations, associations and companies from the lighting industry signed an agreement to reduce the amount of energy used to power lighting. At present, 12% of all energy consumed in Switzerland is used to power lighting. In signing the agreement dated 11 September 2018, the signatories are aiming to half this figure to 6% by 2025.


In 2017, Switzerland used around 7 TWh of energy to power lighting. The 3.5 TWh of energy that the organisations aim to save is roughly equivalent to the amount produced by the Beznau 2 nuclear power plant each year, and is thought to be achievable without causing consumers any inconvenience or discomfort.

The lighting industry is convinced that this substantial saving can be realised through new technologies, intelligent light planning, modern control systems, targeted information and raising awareness among consumers. The initiative was launched by the Swiss Light Association (SLG) and is being implemented by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE), with the aim of bringing the country much closer to achieving its Energy Strategy 2050 target. Thanks to close co-operation between the public and private sectors, achieving this goal looks possible.


The sensNORM association, established in early 2014, actively supports the Davos light agreement.

Through sensNORM, a variety of motion and presence detector manufacturers, as well as Relux, are focusing on improving standardisation in the field of sensor and building technology. With this in mind, sensNORM has established and developed a number of measurement procedures for motion and presence detectors and defined key terms.

The association's development and construction of fully automatic measuring equipment ensures that the ranges of motion and presence detectors can now be measured very accurately in accordance with established procedures. The measurement results can be used to perform a detailed comparison of various models and also processed using the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process.

Thanks to sensNORM's active involvement in developing a new standard for motion and presence detectors through the IEC standardisation body, the results of the association's efforts also contribute to international standards.


The partners who signed the light agreement are:

  • Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE)
  • Swiss Light Association (SLG)
  • Swiss Lighting Industry Association (FVB)
  • sensNORM
  • Minergie
  • Otto Fischer
  • Relux
  • S.A.F.E. Swiss Agency for Efficient Energy Use
  • Association of Electrical Engineering Firms (ABTIE)
  • EM Licht
  • IKEA

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